MPRL E&P signed a three-year educational partnership program with Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) in Thailand and three Junior Engineers and two Junior Geoscientists from MPRL E&P have joined a one-year Professional Master’s Degree Program specializing in the Geosystem Exploration and Petroleum GeoEngineering (GEPG) at AIT’s School of Engineering and Technology in August 2022. The educational partnership program with AIT aims to promote continuous learning and development among employees and nurture next generation professionals.

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MPRL E&P Establishes Three-year Educational Partnership with AIT

With the global workforce evolving and the need for highly-skilled professionals increasing, it is becoming more important than ever for employers to develop and maintain well-educated and well-rounded employees. Being in a competitive upstream energy sector, MPRL E&P is committed to enhancing employee growth while fostering a culture that emphasizes learning and development.

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MPRL E&P Establishes Three-year Educational Partnership with AIT

With the global workforce evolving and the need for highly-skilled professionals increasing, it is becoming more important than ever for employers to develop and maintain well-educated and well-rounded employees. Being in a competitive upstream energy sector, MPRL E&P is committed to enhancing employee growth while fostering a culture that emphasizes learning and development.

Recognizing the importance of continuing education, MPRL E&P signed a three-year educational partnership program with the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) in Thailand, an institution dedicated to delivering premier educational experiences at higher academic levels. Five MPRL E&P employees, three Junior Engineers and two Junior Geoscientists, embarked on a one-year Professional Master’s Degree Program at AIT in early August 2022. They will be pursuing the Geosystem Exploration & Petroleum Geoengineering (GEPG) Area of Specialization under the Geotechnical Engineering and Earth Resources Engineering Program, at AIT’s School of Engineering and Technology.

This partnership program provides a unique opportunity for our staff to enhance their educational goals so that they can become more relevant and skilled in their field of expertise. MPRL E&P closely works with AIT on this program and covers all expenses of these selected five students including airfare, tuition, and room and board for their one-year Master’s Degree Program.

Having the right education partnership is important, in other words, having a school you trust to provide the level of education your employees need to advance their skills is vital. AIT offers high-level educational programs and industry-related courses that support MPRL E&P’s specific needs that strengthen the organization’s goals, training objectives, and workforce. By combining the strengths of each, MPRL E&P hopes to stay competitive in the industry through this partnership program while meeting the evolving needs of both individuals and employers.

Believing in our employees and helping them achieve their educational goals and career aspirations is what MPRL E&P is all about. U Ko Ko, Country Manager & Executive Vice President at MPRL E&P, shares his excitement about collaborating with AIT in training future leaders for our assets in both Onshore and Offshore Myanmar.

“We’ll continue our best to maintain this program with AIT. I hope this partnership will provide both MPRL E&P and Myanmar with highly skilled and world-class energy professionals. We look forward to their contributions towards the exploration and development of the most needed energy for our country. Next year, this time around, they will come into work ready to share their new knowledge and experiences!”

Meet our first batch of employees who started their new adventure at AIT in August 2022.

What are your current responsibilities as a Junior Geoscientist?

During my probationary period, I was mentored by my seniors and learned the ins and outs of the Geology & Geophysics (G&G) Department. Before I left for school, I was supporting my seniors with digitizing using QGIS software. Besides, I read a lot of books and asked my seniors when I had questions. I am also lucky to have seniors from other departments guide me and shared their knowledge and experiences with me. With the help of all my seniors, my improvement didn’t take long as I expected.

Are there any challenges that you are currently experiencing at work?

There are no major challenges at the moment because of my educational background in this field. But I am eager to learn more about this industry and I know AIT will help me with my knowledge expansion.

I want to be able to grow with the company and contribute to developing Myanmar’s oil and gas industry. Since I still need more hands-on experience and knowledge in the engineering field, I went ahead and applied for this Master’s Degree Program. After completing this program, I will come back with a new mindset and goals.

What do you expect to get out of this whole experience?

I expect to gain more information and knowledge about engineering. Since I only learned about geology in school and being a Junior Geoscientist, this AIT program will bring a whole new chapter to my learning journey. I’m always eager to learn new things, especially in the field that I am interested in and I’m sure that I will be more skilled in petroleum engineering after graduation.

We are excited about your future endeavors. What do you think you will bring back with you after this program?

The one-year Master’s Degree Program at AIT that I am pursuing will have more engineering classes. With my geology background in education and experience combined with my new knowledge and degree from AIT, I will be ready to undertake any given task effectively and efficiently. I hope that one day I can help develop the growth of Myanmar’s oil and gas industry. I would like to encourage young employees like us with education and experiences from abroad to join forces in advancing the oil and gas sector in Myanmar. I am thankful for this opportunity which will prepare me to become more relevant in the field.

What were you working on as a Junior Geoscientist before pursuing your master’s degree?

As a Junior Geoscientist, I had to monitor daily production and spot water injection of Mann Field and report to my team. As a monthly task, I had to update Myanmar E&P Activities including Myanmar Petroleum Blocks Status after receiving the Onshore Activities Report. I also had to contribute to the team in preparing reports by creating projects and assisting seniors with Mann Field development activities.

What will you miss most about MPRL E&P while you are away?

Well, I will have to say the daily production monitoring and spot water injection of Mann Field, which was my first task of the day. I will also miss my colleagues.

What do you think about the course syllabus?

All the courses I am taking are interesting and related to my career path. I am more excited to learn levels of the project and I will learn more about setting tasks, duties, and implementation procedures during a specific time to achieve a specific target with high quality. I am going to take this opportunity to really focus on my studies and improve my skillset. This is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me and I will not take it for granted. I’d like to thank MPRL E&P and all my seniors for giving me this chance to pursue my dreams.

What are your thoughts on the oil and gas industry in Myanmar?

Myanmar has enormous economic potential based on several factors like strategic location, size, and stock of natural resources, especially in Myanmar’s deepwater shelf which remains mostly unexplored. Besides, many domestic and foreign companies are undertaking oil and gas pipeline projects and contracts to expand their production capacities and we as responsible citizens, should actively take part in the growth of the oil and gas sector in Myanmar.

What is your motto in life?

“Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” – Professor Albus Dumbledore (J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter Series)

Could you share some of your responsibilities as a Junior Engineer at MPRL E&P?

My responsibilities as a Junior Engineer at Mann Field Operations Department included monitoring flow rates of oil wells, transferring oil from tank batteries to TAC, and then, TAC to One Million Station as part of the Measurement Team. I was also involved with pulling unit operations like pump service, swabbing, and bailing operations.

Any challenges that you experienced while working at Mann Field?

One of the challenges for me was adjusting and applying my academic knowledge in my actual workplace. Also, I had a hard time communicating with my seniors at first, I tried to be in sync with them, my colleagues, and crew members, and took some time for me to get comfortable but now, I have improved a great deal during my last two years at MPRL E&P. I realized that when I am faced with difficulties, I must stay calm and carefully analyze the problem so that I can produce the best solution to overcome the hurdle with minimum error.

How did you prepare for this AIT Master’s Degree Program selection process? Do you foresee any challenges at AIT?

A big part of my preparation for AIT was the time I spent reviewing the summary of the oil and gas industry including drilling, production, and reservoir. I also went ran through some of the calculations and facts that are essential for petroleum engineers.

Pursuing a degree in a foreign country is definitely going to be a challenge. There will be language barriers, cultural differences, and different approaches to teaching and learning methods. But this change will be good for me and I look forward to finishing my course so that I can return and make use of my newly acquired knowledge and experiences. I just can’t wait!

What do you think about the syllabus?

I am really excited about reservoir engineering, petrophysics, and well log interpretations classes because these subjects will enhance my technical and software knowledge that is required to become a reservoir engineer.

Do you think MPRL E&P should continue with career development programs for their employees?

Definitely. We, young people, are always hungry for improvement and we are ready to take on any opportunities and risks and overcome any obstacles so that we become better professionals while we improve our interpersonal, and soft skills. Here, I would like to extend my gratitude to MPRL E&P for giving me this opportunity to pursue my educational goal.

How long have you been working at MPRL E&P? In which department(s)?

I have been working at MPRL E&P for about two and a half years now. Currently, I’m in Pulling Units Team. Before settling in this team, I was working in the Measurement Team (Echo-Dynamometer).

Could you share with us some of your responsibilities as a Junior Engineer?

Under the Measurement Team, I had to closely monitor the flow rates of the wells and report immediately to all Pulling Units supervisors if any irregularity of the well is found. Next, I had to identify the well behavior thoroughly by measuring the hourly rate carefully and regularly. I fully took part in 100% of produced water disposal into identified wells on a daily basis and in monitoring the disposing rate of each well.

Under the Pulling Units Department, I had to service wells as per one monthly plan and a three-month plan to optimize production. I had to make well-servicing operations to meet the minimum target of three wells per week (including swabbing, bailing operations, and pump service). Also, I closely supervised well servicing and swabbing operations and was responsible for strictly controlling the material used for minimum cost at all operations. Last but not least, as safety is key in operations, I ensured to apply all safety procedures every day at work and implement positive safety culture in all operations. Moreover, I encouraged and educated all MOGE crew about building up safety capacity on a daily basis.

What do you feel about this one-year Master’s Degree Program at AIT?

My biggest dream is to be a part of a big offshore project as I thrive on more challenging opportunities. I believe this program will not only help me enhance my technical skills and offshore knowledge but also equip me with everything I need as a Petroleum Engineer for any upcoming projects at MPRL E&P.

An accomplishment means reaching a goal that has been set. Accomplishments are important because, when achieved, they provide us with a sense of pride and motivate us to reach further goals in our lives. And I personally think that the secret behind my achievements so far is the strong desire to learn. I hope to complete my AIT Master’s Degree Program in a year so that I can return the favor our company had offered me. I am forever grateful for this opportunity that MPRL E&P has offered me and I look forward to returning to my work with new knowledge and experiences.

Philosophy has taught me to evaluate life and experiences. I hope to be a beneficial part of any offshore projects by using my knowledge and experiences from studying at AIT while bringing about constructive change and a creative path to the “good life”, not only for myself but also for MPRL E&P.

Do you have a favorite motto?

I believe in this saying: Passion + Consistency = Success. I’ve always put 100% effort into whatever I do and I experience great outcomes because of that.

What are some of your responsibilities at MPRL E&P as a Junior Engineer?

Some of my responsibilities included onsite supervision of the pulling units, workover rig operations, and drilling rig operations. I assisted with all functions and responsibilities of the Operations Engineers, and at the same time, functioned as the Lead Operations Engineer assisting to Field Operations Manager/ Assistant Field Operations Manager. Moreover, I prepared daily reporting and cost tracking for all well operations, and was responsible for planning and material equipment needs, while ensuring that the equipment arrive on site, on time as required.

What will you miss most about MPRL E&P during your study at AIT?

I have truly enjoyed working with such a fine team of strong brotherhood, whom I will surely miss. All the support, camaraderie, and help they had provided me over the past two years was really heartwarming.

What do you expect to get out of this whole experience?

I strongly believe that this Master’s Degree Program will grant me the qualifications needed to become a well-rounded engineer plus skills that I can use to polish up my professional career as well as personal growth. I also hope to gain a more global perspective and improve my interpersonal skills, foreign languages, adaptability, and problem-solving skills. I am determined to utilize the newly acquired skills and knowledge to enhance our goals and strengths as a team and extend my new-found knowledge with junior team members. I aspire to become an outstanding and inspiring female Petroleum Engineer one day and I would love to help our community in creating values together that will benefit the needs of the company and our country. AIT will prepare me for this and I would like to thank MPRL E&P for giving me this wonderful opportunity.

Any last words relating to the oil and gas industry in Myanmar as a young Petroleum Engineer?

Myanmar is one of the most attractive countries in the ASEAN region and research shows that it is also one of the world’s oldest oil producers. It is estimated to have substantial oil and gas reserves, however, only a handful of fields are currently operating and producing and most deposits remain unexplored. It is interesting to know that we can utilize the latest technologies and efforts to strive for the recovery of untapped reservoirs. Since the oil and gas industry still holds the largest shares in the world as an energy provider and is the core of the national economy, I found it fascinating with a strong growth outlook in the future. I am lucky to be working in this sector and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us.


MPRL E&P Staff Expand Horizons through Student Exchange Program in Japan

MPRL E&P sponsors five staff members for a one-year Professional Master’s Degree Program at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) in Bangkok, Thailand, as part of the employee development program.

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MPRL E&P Staff Expand Horizons through Student Exchange Program in Japan

MPRL E&P sponsors five staff members for a one-year Professional Master’s Degree Program at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) in Bangkok, Thailand, as part of the employee development program.

My name is Yu Nandar Myat, and I work as a Junior Engineer Mann Field Operations. I feel privileged to have been chosen as one of the five individuals sponsored by MPRL E&P for a one-year Professional Master’s Degree Program at the prestigious Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) in Bangkok, Thailand. This program is a crucial part of MPRL E&P’s employee development initiative, and I am excited to share my personal experiences as a member of the program’s first batch of students.

The exchange program, known as the Global Project Based Learning (gPBL) Program, is held annually between the Geotechnical and Earth Resources Engineering (GTE) Department of the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) in Bangkok and the Shibaura Institute of Technology in Tokyo. The program gathers students from different universities to work together on problem-solving projects presented by professors, Japanese corporations, and organizations.

“I had the privilege of immersing myself in a multiplicity of cultures, perspectives, and novel customs, whilst forging new acquaintances and gaining invaluable experiences during this exchange program. I also gained first-hand insight into the pioneering and sophisticated technologies employed by Obayashi Cooperation, as well as their operational protocols. Overall, this program was an eye-opener for all of us” —Htet Paing Oo

As part of this exchange program, we had the opportunity to collaborate with students from various universities, including Shibaura Institute of Technology, Kasetsart University, Suranaree University of Technology, and Hanoi University of Civil Engineering. We worked together on group projects and received lectures and hands-on experience from Japanese construction companies.

“My experience with the gPBL program in Japan was truly amazing and unforgettable. Doing group activities at Shibaura Institute of Technology gave me a unique opportunity to immerse myself in Japanese culture and daily life. From trying Japanese food to exploring historical sites, I gained a new appreciation for Japan” —Khin Yadana Nwe

Our 10-day conference, held from 28 February 2023 to 08 March 2023, culminating in a group project where we had a chance to work with students from other universities to present our findings to the audience. This program not only expanded our perspectives and communication skills but also strengthened our sense of independence and self-confidence as we navigate in a new and unfamiliar environment. We made new friends and it was exciting to meet people from different backgrounds and experiences.

“Collaborating with participants from Thailand, Nepal, the Philippines, and Japan provided a unique opportunity to exchange ideas and learn from each other’s perspectives, enhancing our understanding of each other’s cultures. From visiting disaster prevention facilities to engaging with local communities, I gained a deep appreciation of Japan’s proactive approach to disaster prevention and mitigation. Overall, this program was a great way to develop skills and knowledge that are essential for achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals while fostering cross-cultural understanding and collaboration”—Htet Aung Kyaw

Challenges are an opportunity to discover our strengths and weaknesses, and by working on projects with people from diverse cultures, we learned how to adapt to different situations and cope with unexpected problems and difficulties. We learned about group work and team spirit. Moreover, we gained exposure to different styles of education and working atmospheres from top-ranked companies in Japan.

As for me, participating in this student exchange program is an eye-opening experience that broadens my horizons – I made meaningful connections with students from different countries. We also had an opportunity to learn about the latest Japanese innovative technologies, environmental studies, and sustainable development practices in areas like renewable energy, waste management, urban planning, natural disaster prevention, and mitigation, which can serve as a model for other countries around the world.

Some of the highlights of the trip were the site visit to Obayashi Corporation Technology Research Institute, Fuji Mountain, and the Lake Kawaguchiko and Museum of Art houses.

“Visiting the Obayashi Research Institute was an incredibly exciting and informative experience for me. One of the highlights of my visit was the Institute’s innovative engineering technology about Laputa 2D (the world’s first super-active vibration control technology) to mitigate the damage of earthquakes. I was impressed by the level of innovation and expertise demonstrated by the researchers and engineers, and I learned a lot about the latest developments in engineering and environmental studies”—Pyae Phyo Paing

Overall, participating in the exchange program was an enriching experience that allowed us, aspiring engineers and geoscientists, to learn, grow, and form lasting relationships with fellow students and industry professionals. We can’t wait to return to our office and exchange our knowledge and experiences with our colleagues!