Capacity Building

Capacity building targeting key community groups and individuals is a continuous process to foster the local leadership with knowledge, skills and resources to take charge of their own development agenda. The focus areas include nurturing unity, creating a common vision, developing project management and decision making skills.


Our Mobile Clinic in Mann Field supports communities with access to affordable healthcare and patient education that enhances overall effectiveness of the healthcare services we deliver at free of charge. We have recently extended the clinic sessions to ensure the services are evenly reachable by all the communities.

Education Partnerships

MPRL E&P works with local education providers including private and public institutions to promote access to technical skills and knowledge for youth from Mann Field. We believe these initiatives prepare the youth for the pathway into the job market as adults by reducing barriers such as lack of skills and communication proficiencies while improving self-confidence.

Animal Husbandry

Through cooperation with respective resource organizations, MPRL E&P supports small-scale livestock farmers in Mann Field through training activities on animal healthcare and vaccination initiatives to help prevent and control common animal diseases.

Disaster Relief

A disaster can unexpectedly strike a community in which we operate and we need to proactively plan to ensure resources are at our disposal to save our employees and allocate right assistance to affected communities to help them minimize the disruptions and resume an appropriate level of functioning. Through a sense of giving and pride, MPRL E&P assists response efforts to natural and man-made disasters such as floods, fire disasters, pandemics on its own or through relevant platforms.

Vocational Skills Trainings

Training in vocational skills can support decent jobs and facilitate inclusive growth in the communities. We deliver both on-demand and appropriate skills trainings and some of the trainees choose to work together as they turn these skills into income-generating activities.

Entrepreneurship Training Delivery

MPRL E&P has facilitated provision of a training program on entrepreneurship to some of the vocational trainees to promote the development of an entrepreneurial culture. The training program intends to help them nurture an entrepreneurial mindset, assess new market opportunities, and turn their business ideas into actions.

Agriculture and Horticulture

MPRL E&P is committed to development of agricultural sector which forms a key part of the country’s economy through its extensive assistance to Mann Field’s farming communities. We encourage transfer of knowledge and skills in modern and sustainable agricultural practices for farmers while reducing barriers to quality seeds and fertilizers and pesticides that save cost and are good for the environment and increase yield.

Water, Sanitation and Infrastructure

Lack of access to water can cost human lives and dignity. Our efforts to promote equal and inclusive access to safely managed WASH supplies in Mann Field is key to improving overall health of the communities consisting of infants, children and women. We also support school and community infrastructure development through a participatory planning and implementation process.