Providing a safe platform for project-affected communities to access and lodge complaints and concerns is important in building trust. Giving communities a voice and the opportunities to express remedies leads to a strengthened partnership.

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MPRL E&P acknowledges the importance of engagement and buy-in from all its stakeholders. Disclosing information and providing platforms to promote 2-way communication are important factors to building a partnership.

MPRL E&P believes:

MPRL E&P has developed a multi-stakeholder approach to designing an Operational Grievance Mechanism (OGM) in Mann field. This is the very first mechanism that has been facilitated and managed by both the host community and Myanmar Oil and Gas Enterprise (MOGE). Best practices from the Mann Field Grievance Mechanism (MFGM) is leveraged and used across assets operated by MPRL E&P.

The Community Grievance Mechanism at Mann Field

MPRL E&P works closely with the operator of Mann field, Myanma Oil and Gas Enterprise (MOGE), providing advice, support and guidance. The objective of the MFGM is to enable local communities to have a voice and to ensure impact associated with operations affecting the environment and surrounding communities are solicited, monitored, and effectively addressed.

We consider this to be essential in order to maintain a social license to operate in Mann field. The MFGM enables stakeholders to voice their concerns directly to the company first, instead of turning to third parties, and enables the company to respond to their concerns early before they escalate.

The MFGM began in pilot phase with 3 out of the 14 communities in Mann field in April 2014, with a full roll out to the remaining communities in August 2014. During this time training was provided to local community volunteers, community meetings were held, information boards erected, and informational cartoon distributed to improve awareness. Grievance collection boxes were placed in strategic locations such as village intersections with high foot traffic.

Designing a mechanism facilitated by community volunteers has proven to be successful as trust is immediately captured. In addition, strengthening the capacity of volunteers has led to improved decision making and empowerment.

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OGM Cartoon

OGM Pamphlet