Over the years we have grown through taking large while calculated risks. We positively influence the people and communities we work with. From challenges to successes, we always persevere to achieve results through technical innovation and business integrity.


1996 : Mann Field
  • Performance Compensation Contract (“PCC”) signed with MOGE
  • Acquires 73 sq-km (full-fold) of 3D seismic
1997 : Mann Field
  • First incremental oil produced
1999 : Mann Field
  • Global oil price drops to as low as US$12 per barrel
  • MPRL E&P becomes sole main contractor to MOGE as JV partners exit contract (assumes full responsibility for PCC rights and obligations)
2001 : Mann Field
  • PCC amended from well by well management to whole field management
2003 : Mann Field
  • Deep exploration campaign commences
2005 : Mann Field
  • Highest field production rate achieved since PCC signing (2,420 barrels oil per day)
2007 : Block A-6
  • Production Sharing Contract (“PSC”) signed with MOGE
  • Conducts extensive onshore geological surveys along entire Rakhine coast
2009 : Block A-6
  • Acquires 1,955 line-km of 2D seismic covering most of the block
2010 : Block A-6
  • Acquires 550 sq-km (full-fold) of 3D seismic in shelf region
2010 : Mann Field
  • Acquires 210 line-km (long offset full-fold) of 2D Seismic
  • Pilot Greenzyme chemical EOR treatment increases production of four wells
2011 : Mann Field
  • Drills MDE-1 to 11,571 ft and discovers wet gas play in deep Oligocene reservoirs
2012 : Block A-6
  • Pyi Thar exploration drilling campaign makes play opening gas discovery proving a new play concept in the southern Rakhine offshore region
2013 : Block A-6
  • Woodside farm-in
  • Acquires 1731 sq-km (full-fold) of 3D seismic in ultra-deep water region
2013 : Mann Field
  • PCC extended by MOGE to expire in 2024
2013 : MPRL E&P
  • Becomes a CSR Asia Strategic Partner
2014 : Blocks PSC-K & RSF-5
  • MPEP signs PSCs for blocks PSC-K & RSF-5 as local partner to Eni
2014 : Mann Field
  • Initiates short-term community investment projects
  • Recruits village volunteers from communities where we operate
  • Launches operational grievance mechanism
2014 : Blocks IOR-4 & IOR-6
  • Signs Improved Petroleum Recovery (“IPR”) contract with MOGE
2014 : MPRL E&P
  • Becomes a member of the Multi-Stakeholder Group tasked with overseeing the implementation of the Myanmar Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (MEITI)
2015 : Block A-4
  • MPEP signs PSC as local partner to Shell (formerly British Gas before Shell Acquisition of the company) and Woodside
  • Acquires 4,592 sq-km (full-fold) of 3D seismic
2015 : Block A-7
  • MPEP signs PSC as local partner to Woodside and Shell (formerly British Gas before Shell Acquisition of the company)
  • Acquires 3,650 sq-km (full-fold) of 3D seismic
2016 : Block A-6
  • Shwe Yee Htun exploration drilling campaign results in ultra-deep water gas discovery
  • Acquires new 1,835 sq-km (full-fold) of 3D seismic
2017 : Block A-6
  • Pyi Thit-1 Appraisal Well drilling in June-August 2017 results in ultra-deep water gas discovery and flow tested the gas bearing sand at 50 million standard cubic feet per day of gas with strong pressure support
  • Successfully completed drilling of Pyi Tharyar-1 Exploration Well in the deepest Water Depth (about 2450m) in Myanmar, in August 2017