We are proud of our corporate values that encourage us to thrive with honesty, integrity, social and environmental responsibility in all aspects of the business. We strive every day to preserve this commitment and promote our efforts to be a responsible company transparently and actively.

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A weak governance structure can impair business conduct, transparency and accountability. It could in turn lead to a material negative impact on the safety of employees and local communities, creating space for human rights abuses and environmental degradation to occur. We are aware that stakeholders expect businesses to acknowledge these risks and demonstrate how they assimilate and integrate them into their policies and processes.

In respect of this understanding, we are committed to work ethically, with integrity and in compliance with relevant laws and regulations by putting in place a suite of policies related to business ethics, governance and sustainable development, and to transparently disclose our performance. This is strategic to building and maintaining stakeholders’ trust in the way we operate as a long-term responsible business organization in Myanmar’s energy sector while helping advance the nation’s development priorities.

While the ultimate responsibility rests with MPRL E&P’s Senior Executive Management, all employees are continuously trained and encouraged to act in accordance with these policies, procedures and best practices which refer to international standards and require correct and even application throughout the business organization to ensure effectiveness and accountability.

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