Even in the absence of regulations, we remain dedicated to minimizing any adverse effects to the environment from our operations.

MPRL E&P is committed to demonstrating appropriate and sincere respect for the environment, particularly for the prevention of any accidental loss of resources or assets likely to have an impact on the environment, company employees and communities located in the areas where we operate.

Our Strategy

MPRL E&P expects active participation in achieving its goals and commitments by all employees and managers regardless of corporate hierarchy, contractor, and/or suppliers who individually and collectively are responsible for performance across the business value chain.

As a result the following commitments influence our strategy:

Our Management Framework

Guided by ISO 14001, MPRL E&P’s Environmental Management System Framework integrates internal policies, existing national rules and regulations, and other applicable international guidance. Continued environmental analysis and monitoring is intended to minimize the adverse impacts or consequences on the natural environment and people affected by the proposed project and/or business activity.

Fig 1: MPRL E&P Environmental Management System Framework

Produced Water Management in Mann Field

Produced Water Management of Mann Field – Reached ZERO DISCHARGE Achievement

As Mann Field was discovered in early 1970’s, the field becomes more mature and more water is producing from oil producing wells. The field was compartmentalized by the three major faults and other minor regular and reverse faults so that reservoir mechanism is complicated inclusive with different drive mechanisms such as solution gas drive, gas cap drive, water drive etc. Since water injection was partially applied historically, the effect of water injection and/or aquifer encroachment were observed at the producing profile.

An important question mark is that how to wisely handle the tremendous amount of unwanted produced water is an imperative task in order to minimize or avoid the environmental impact. Prior to find out the proper way to dispose those unwanted produced water, the practice was a simple disposing method which was flowing through the field. Field is located beside Mann Creek and Irrawaddy River, it was realized that disposing water could be flowed to the river, questionable environmental impact.

This note is describing the development of produced water management that MPRL E&P is practicing currently in order to eliminate environmental hazardous issues with related to producing water daily by following methods;

The ultimate goal of MPRL E&P to minimize environmental impact is Zero Discharge in produced water management. It is not an easy task to fulfil the target and eventually it took quite a long time more than five years. However, MPRL E&P is really initiative in order to implement environmental management plan among other onshore fields. The team recorded milestones on achievements such as fabricating and renovating all gas & oil collection stations GOCS’s, constructing waste management compound, cellar renovation and constructing double cellars at individual well sites, composting food waste, segregation of general waste, slug management, drilling cuttings management, produce water management etc. For this progress efforts, MPRL E&P proudly brings up that the mile stone of Zero Discharge on produced water management was implemented on 24 August 2017. The way forward on this project is that 100% disposal is sustainable and step up to produce more oil by adding reservoir energy.

Environmental Refurbishment Initiative

Over the past 15 years, MPRL E&P has jointly managed Mann Field with MOGE. Our partnership has strengthened over time, fostering knowledge, skills development and capacity building. Together, we understand the impact of our operations and have dedicated our time to continuously improve all operation sites to minimize any harm impacted against the environment and surrounding communities. This initiative was not part of a contractual or legal requirement but conducted as an initiative of being a responsible investor.

Before Refurbishment

After Refurbishment