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Executive Management Trip to Mann Field

Mann Field Information Video

Mann Field Documentary

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Life of a senior field engineer

Operational Grievance Mechanism (OGM)

Partnership for sustainable development

Our community volunteers

Life in the community

Internship Experience at MPRL E&P

Myanmar's Everyday Heroes

MPRL E&P Field Team visited Hton Ma Gyi in Mann field (July 2016)

MPRL E&P sponsored the Wave Rider Cup

Flood affecting communities surrounding Mann Field

MPRL E&P employees' donation

Live reporting from Nyaung Zin village

MPRL E&P employees supported the affected families of the floods

MPRL E&P providing immediate needs

Mann Field First Aid Clinic treating those in need of assistance

Live reporting from the Field (Nyaung Zin Relief Camp)

Live reporting from the Field (Ywar Thar Village)

Flood Relief Update