Promoting transparency leads to improved governance. Our values encourage us to conduct our business with honesty, integrity and fairness in all aspects of our business. We work hard to keep this commitment and promote transparency throughout our business.

oil & gas

With investors and employees increasingly interested in a company’s social and environmental performance, transparency is becoming a corporate necessity. Transparency in a company can also vastly improve company culture, employee morale and productivity. An open and transparent culture sends a strong message to the workforce, telling them that they are trusted and valued members in the organization, united to work together toward a common goal.

Our Strategy

At MPRL E&P, we are committed to promoting transparency throughout our business operations to create value for people, communities, and increasing the impact of our activities. We are committed to building and promoting ethical values and behavior throughout our business and in addition, exert influence with contractors and partners to implement adequate policies and procedures that promote best practice to prevent bribery and promote ethical standards throughout our supply chain.

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