We strive to conduct our business in an open, honest, and ethical approach that is sustainable and socially acceptable. Meeting the energy needs of Myanmar responsibly while protecting the environment and building partnerships with communities drives us to succeed.

Our Approach

Sustainability at MPRL E&P is understood as meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of the next generation to meet their own needs. Taking responsibility for the way our operations impact societies and the natural environment shapes and influences the type of practices that is initiated within the organization. Frameworks, rules, and business models have been re-shaped to take into account global trends and remain committed to financial obligations that deliver both public and private benefits.

MPRL E&P is a responsible leader that is concerned with reconciling and aligning demands, needs, interests, and values of employees, suppliers, communities, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), the environment, and society at large.

Our strategic corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy is used as an instrument to facilitate our journey of addressing social, environmental and economic challenges that impact the business and areas we operate in. The management framework employed is influenced by the following principles:

We recognize the importance of developing a CSR strategy and culture that goes beyond legal compliance and liability of individuals. Our innovative approach to CSR enables MPRL E&P to effectively build relationships with key stakeholders and address sustainability issues together.

Policies & Procedures

Our comprehensive set of policies and procedures define how our core values of honesty, integrity and social responsibility, are at the center of how we manage our operations.

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Stakeholder Engagement

We work closely with our stakeholders to understand their concerns and identify how to address them. We aim to avoid or reduce any adverse impacts and to manage those impacts that may be unavoidable.

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Impact Assessments

We aim to minimise the impact our operations may have on natural environments and on communities that neighbour our projects, or potential projects. We work together with communities to manage or reduce any impacts on local communities’ health, safety and access to fresh water, food or income. Together we bring benefits to the communities and local economies where we work.

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Providing detailed information on how we achieve our targets and address our challenges highlights our committement to responsible communciation.

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