Protecting our people is of the highest importance to us. Everything we do begins with a commitment to safety. The responsibility of safety is solidly placed within the line organization, from the top manager down to the first-line leader.

MPRL E&P is committed to continuously improving health, safety, and environmental (HSE) performance. In addition, we strive to embed a safety-first culture consistent with our fundamental goals, which include:

Our Strategy

MPRL E&P expects active participation in achieving its health and safety goals and commitments by all employees and managers, regardless of corporate hierarchy, contractor, and/or suppliers who individually and collectively are responsible for performance, across the business value chain. As a result the following commitments influence our strategy:

Our Management Framework

To create a safer working environment, MPRL E&P has a core management system that integrates existing and potential project activities. The structure and content of this system is based upon the guidelines of OHSAS 18001:2007 and HSE 65 Managing for Health and Safety.

MPRL E&P HSE Management System

Fig 1: MPRL E&P HSE Management System

In order to expand the existing internal HSE practices, the following processes have been incorporated as a standard requirement of MPRL E&P’s corporate culture:

  1. Accessibility to safety cards promoting concern, action, reinforcement, and encouragement (CARE Cards)
  2. Safety awards
  3. Pre-job safety meeting
  4. Daily toolbox talks
  5. Job safety analysis & risk assessment implementation
  6. Permit to work system/lockout & tagout/confined space entry
  7. Weekly safety meetings
  8. Monthly management meetings
  9. Monthly HSE committee meetings
  10. Emergency drill exercises
  11. HSE promotion
  12. Safety alerts
  13. Safety trainings

Together with these activities, MPRL E&P has implemented specific procedures such as a) hazard identification and risk assessment procedures, b) incident investigation and reporting procedures, c) transportation management procedures, and d) lifting operation procedures.

Additionally, these practices and procedures have been extended into our supply chain and provide instructions on the monitoring and management of contractors’ practices, where required, in order to ensure that they meet the HSE standards stipulated by MPRL E&P.